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iBeam Ventures LLP is a multi-conglomerate company that was founded in 2018 and registered as a Limited Liability Partnership with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India. Our guiding philosophy is encapsulated in our motto: Innovation Built with Ethical Engineering, Adaptable Architecture, and Matchless Manpower.

Since our inception, we have prioritized raising the bar for engineering, architectural, and contracting services. To date, we have successfully completed over one hundred projects in a variety of domains, leaving a legacy of excellence throughout the thriving state of Kerala.

Late in the year 2020, we broadened our horizons to include the international market, offering export-import solutions and consulting services. As we approach the end of our initial five-year incubation period, we are poised to establish new milestones. Our primary objective is to revitalize the nation by undertaking a variety of local and international projects. Through these initiatives, we hope to create a plethora of employment opportunities for young professionals and technicians while fostering the transformation of our country into a global hub for professional endeavors.

iBeam Ventures LLP is based in Kerala, India, and provides services throughout the state and the nation. We now provide a full range of services, including architectural and engineering consultation, project management, diverse work contracts for the private and public sectors, export and import solutions, insourcing services, real estate, rental services, and comprehensive training and development programs.

We are pleased to have established export relationships and international collaborations with prestigious companies in Brunei Darussalam and the Middle East, which demonstrates our dedication to global excellence.


Our leadership team consists of seasoned professionals and experts from diverse fields, all united by a shared vision of pioneering excellence in every endeavor.


Founder & CEO
Principal Engineer (Civil)


Co-Founder & COO
Principal Engineer (Electrical)

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